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Graphic Balloon - Complex Review by Elementar

on Wed Sep 14, 2016 8:00 am
We were reviewed by @Elementar. Smile

Graphic Ballon

First Impressions

  • Your forum gives off really nice vibes to a newcomer. The colours are really welcoming and your banner really incorporates the community aspect of your forum. This is encouraging for a new member or guest, and they feel like they'd be easily welcomed into a large and helpful community. It's short and simple layout will be promising for new members, and you've done a great job at keeping a subtle, but effective welcoming approach. There isn't much I could say to help you improve this.

General Forum Appearance

  • Your forum appearance is really nice and soft to the eyes. You've managed to keep clear contrasts with similar shades, which is a real achievement. The shades of green compliment each other and are really welcoming colours. It gives your forum a really nice atmosphere. Even though you have many features and unique characteristics, you still manage to keep everything suited to the forum's overall appearance and again, the banner is a great example of this. There is nothing that I could suggest in this area, so terrific work.

Forum Activity

  • For a service-orientated forum such as yours, you have decent activity. You have recent posts, and a nice amount of members logging in each day. I like how you have multiple sections that appeal to different members, as this maintains more people's activity as they have something to do. This is especially needed for a subject such as yours, and you've done it well. I understand that your forum has just come back from summer break, and you have created contests to help re-engage your members. There is a large amount of affiliates, so advertising seems really good.

Staff & Usergroups

  • Your usergroups are well suited to the forum, and I can't think of many more that you could add. Their definitions are good and detailed, which helps members know what a staff's job is. I like how active your staff are in the community, and it's this fact that makes it one. They help out well and continue to help and improve the forum.

Forum Originality

  • Your forum is really unique. You've managed to capture the feel of a society through your various features and icons, showcasing the individuals' strengths into one great forum. The mouse icon is a really nice touch, and the banner continues to be a highlight. Even the descriptions that pop up once you hover over a bit of text is a unique addition that makes the forum yours.

Forum Layout & Organization

  • Your forum layout would become simple after using it, as it's quite different to many other forums that are hosted on Forumotion. The forum index is nice, and is a little confusing at first. But it becomes really effective after becoming used to it. The forum seems to be a little too spacious, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, I'd like to suggest adding some unique widgets or announcements to one side or the top in order to fill out this space and keep the balance all-round. Navigation gets quite easy, so no dramas there.

Grammar & Spelling

  • I didn't find any spelling errors.

Average Review Score: 9.43

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Re: Graphic Balloon - Complex Review by Elementar

on Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:33 am
perfect  cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
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Re: Graphic Balloon - Complex Review by Elementar

on Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:41 pm
Great job staff members! Almost a perfect score! So proud of all of you! Smile Congradulations.

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Re: Graphic Balloon - Complex Review by Elementar

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