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on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:42 pm

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Back with renewed vigor!

What's new?

We are back! And we have a new theme! 
The most conspicuous difference is the color change. We chose a refreshing mint shade combined with gray to make an elegant impression. How do you like it?

Other notable changes:

>>> Slight logo revamp (used in smaller size it looks better than the previous one)

>>> Sticky navbar
>>> More emphasis on our mascot, Gibi. He's starred in the banner. 
>>> Staff list in the footer.
>>> New topic icons
>>> New post profile appearance (online, offline)
>>> New 'no avatar' avatar

The new theme could not have been done without 10spetter10, Rhino.Freak.
Thanks a lot for your hard work!   

Other news:

>>> There's a new subforum added, namely 'Workshops'. You can open your own graphic store here/ find stores and shop. Note: Graphic Balloon do not interfere in 2 members trade. (http://www.graphicballoon.com/f21-workshops)
>>> The Exhibition section been renamed to 'Museum Boulevard'
>>> Most of the so-far submitted Tutorials have been added a 'mission'. Finish missions and collect GB Coins! Finish more than 20 missions, and you'll be given an Award. More about it here: http://www.graphicballoon.com/t639-graphic-balloon-workshop-guidelines
>>> The GB Coin shop has been updated. (mainly prices been lowered)
>>> Some new Gibi emoticons been added. 
>>> 8 Tutorials been submitted to the Graphic Design School http://www.graphicballoon.com/t322-graphic-balloon-tutorial-index
>>> The Graphic Request Guidelines been updated. Be sure to check them, we have put some new requirements there, as well as we have differentiated 2 major type of request options, namely 'Free' and 'Elite' Requests. http://www.graphicballoon.com/t1-graphic-requests-guidelines-new

Please, bear with us, you may encounter some bugs here and there, therefore we'd like to ask you to report any weird occurrences, also, share with us what you think about the changes!   
Written by: Admin

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