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Easy Tutorial 4 Basic types of Logos

on Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:12 pm

4 Basic types of Logos
What is a logo?

The Cambridge Dictionary wrote:Logo: a design or symbol used by a company to advertise its products.

In shortly, we could say the logo is your trademark. It is the core of your business identity, so give it some thought, effort, research and work before deciding and designing!

Do not confuse them with banners.

Symbol only logos

Symbol only logos represent the product/ company with an icon. Many times the icon is given a twist to look more unique and appealing. A positive thing about iconic logos is that the viewer can interpret them freely.

Tip: use a bit more complex design than a free to use icon.

Famous samples: 

Text only logos

Text only logos have a wide range from simple texts to creative typography.
It is advised to create your own font if you go for this type of logo.
It's harder to create something super unique if you don't have your own font, typography. Also, you have less chance to stand out if you use this type of logo, not to talk about the dangers, of accidentally creating something that's similar to an existing logo. (eg. color-wise)

Famous samples: 

Combined Symbol and Text logos

These type of logos use both text and symbol. The text can go below the symbol or they can go side by side.
I'd say this type of logo is my favourite. You have your own symbol, in addition with your company name. Easy to remember, easy to identify.

Famous samples: 

Emblem/ Label logos

They are usually more complex in terms of design, thus, they are harder to remember.
I wouldn't advice the use of this type of logo, it's quite hard to establish a brand with these.

Famous samples:
Written by: Mimóza
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