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on Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:07 pm

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Inkscape - Tracing an image
Inkscape - Tracing an image

Purpose: Turning a raster image into a vector image.
Software used: Inkscape

It can happen you are provided with an image that's not big enough for the design it needs to be used for. (For example a tiny logo image is given that needs to be used on a wallpaper.) In this case you can trace the image and turn it into a vector image that can be zoomed infinitely ( Vector vs. Raster Tutorial )
In Inkscape, there's an option that let you trace an image (there are several other online opportunities for this as well.)
Reply to see:

You can experiment with photos too. (Trace the lineart etc. Just check the Settings provided)
Let's see what the software can do with Barbara Palvin. Smile


Tutorial created by: Mimóza
#tutorial #inkscape #vector#mimózacollection #tracing #rastertovector #mimózatutorial

Trace our logo, and post in a bigger size.
(Height: 300px)

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