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on Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:25 am

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Gibi around the world!
Gibi around the world!
Summer is here! We all spend many of our free time out, enjoy a lovely holiday at the beach or travel to some cool places. It's time for Gibi to travel around the world too. Smile
However, s/he doesn't like to travel around all alone, so you have to help him.

  Print out a picture of Gibi/ show him on your smart phone/ laptop/ tablet, take him to a cool place, take a photo of him and post it in this topic.

  You can find pictures of Gibi posted here: http://www.graphicballoon.com/t470-digital-drawing-the-gibi-collection#2466
  You can draw him too, just make sure he's recognizable. Smile An SVG File of him you can use to edit it: http://www.graphicballoon.com/t470-digital-drawing-the-gibi-collection#3605
  You can enter as many times as you want.

  Everyone who enters gets 50 GB Coins.
  The person with the most likes gets a Personal Rank title and username Color.


03.07. - 15.08.

Be creative, take him to the coolest holiday and win!
Can't wait to see all the cool places you take Gibi to! Wink 

Don't forget to  the entries.
#contest #Gibi #mascot #giraffe #holiday #summerholiday


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