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on Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:50 am

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20 design rules you should never break. Smile
Credit and explanation of each rule:

01. Don’t Forget To Kern

02. Don’t Disregard Readability/Legibility For Aesthetic Reasons

03. Keep Your Line Lengths Short

04. Have Purposeful Hierarchy

05. Practise Appropriate Word Spacing

06. Use The Correct Alignment

07. Always Use A Grid

08. Always Design For Your Audience

09. Avoid Widows And Orphans

10. Have A Logical Colour Palette

11. Have A Consistent Font Palette

12. Never Use Display Fonts For Body Copy

13. Never Stretch Type

14. Avoid Colour Discord

15. Don’t Think Of White Space As Empty Space

16. Don’t Follow Design Trends

17. Use The Right Tools

18. Consider Your Medium

19. Learn The Rules Of Grammar

20. Don’t Use Too Many Effects

#fridaytip #youshouldknow #rules #designerrules

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