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Rate, Critics Guidelines (new)

on Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:25 pm
Feeback, critics, rates

To designers

When you share your images you'll get feedback from various types of people. Please, be ready to get negative comments and don't get offended over them. Never take the feedback to your heart. It's inevitable to feel bad over gloomy comments, but you have to remember you can never satisfy everyone and have to develop a though skin. Try to focus on the positive and constructive comments, rather than on the negative ones.

Since quite a lot of images are submitted to this section, many times you won't receive indepth comments. If you want to make sure you get a detailed feedback (critic or rate) you can request in this topic.

See the template below.

To commenters

Please, go easy on each other and the people who share images. 

Even if you don't like a piece, don't be rude. Judge the quality over your personal taste. The image might look great even if it doesn't fit your personal style. 

When giving critics, always be constructive! Emphasize the strengths of the given piece.

When adding the weak points of a given design, give suggestions how the creator could improve the piece. Simply listing the flaws won't help the person to enhance the quality of the image.

Make sure you mention as many positive things about the image as possible.

Please, keep the tone encouraging and positive to maintain the good atmosphere of the forum.

For the rates see the images below, for the critics, see the points to consider below.

Anyone is free to leave a critic, rate for those who requested them.

Template for requests

Link of topic:
Type of feedback you want: (rate or critic)

Stars for rates:

You may use the following images:

Critic points:

When giving critics you may include the following points:

Usability: (can the image be used on the field it was meant for?)
Harmony: (does everything match?)
Colors: (How is the color combination? Does it match the field it was meant for?)
Font: (Is the font legible?)
Quality: (Is it clear enough? Does it suit the niché?)
Other: (Personal preferences, other tips)

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Re: Rate, Critics Guidelines (new)

on Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:50 am
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