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on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:28 pm

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Mockup wrote:Mockup is a scale model of a product, used for demonstrating and testing a design

To showcase your design it's a good idea to use mockups. By using them you can present the functionality of your design. Many times @ contest sites I noticed designers who used mockups ended up in better places. People who are not design-geekies sometimes cannot imagine how would a design look like in use, so even if your design is better than someone's you can end up in a worse place, because of not presenting your idea well enough. 

Here are some sites with free mockup templates:

If you would like to be super unique you could create your own mockups, however make sure they will look professional, because they can overally distract the focus from your design or using a bad quality mockup can give a bad impression.


Use a mockup showing our forum.

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