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on Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:18 am

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Hello and welcome to the Creative Arena!
Here you can post any kind of creative challenges.

- You may even battle with the others, just tag a person in your topic, post the clear rules of your challenge and the battle can begin! Smile
- (Don't forget to add a poll to your topic with the participating members, so the forumers can vote whose design they prefer.)
- Anyone can refuse to participate in the battles. 

Starting a topic in this section grants you 15 Forum points.

Make sure your topic title clearly identifies your challenge, battle type.
[Challenge] - Open for anyone.
[Battle] - You can choose certain people to "fight" with. Just tag them.

Battle/ Challenge types:
- Palette: a set color scheme is given and the participants create something using the palette.
- Image: an image is given and the participants create something using that image.
- Element: you decide what to create (button, banner, icon, signature...etc.)
- Theme: you choose a theme (easter, christmas, love, summer ...etc.) and work with that
- Style: you choose a style (grunge, girly, flat ...etc.) and work with that.
- Other: any other type of challenges.

Any questions you have don't hesitate to ask!

3 2 1 ... let the battle begin! 

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