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on Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:48 pm

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Photoshop Animation Tutorial - №4 Revolving Text
Photoshop Animation Tutorial №4 Revolving Text

I was asked to do a Tutorial on moving text like what's in my signature

(This forum doesn't exist anymore so don't bother searching for it)

I'll create a signature to illustrate the technique.
I start out by creating a new file 320x24 pixels. I add my texture for the background.
Make sure you name each layer. There will be quite a few layers and it will get real confusing if they're not named.

Now I add my Nick

Reply to see:

Tutorial created by: #DustyBones-Tutorials
#tutorial #ps #photoshop #adobe #button #animation #dustybonescollection #dustybonestutorial #animated

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