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on Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:11 pm

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Graphic Requests Guidelines

Graphic Balloon provides free graphic request completion, however we have some rules.

1) Use the official Graphic Balloon Request form

Site URL/ Aim:
Graphic type:
Preferred colors: 

Site URL/ Aim: Where you'd like the image to be used
Graphic type: The type of the image you are requesting, such as banners, avatars, signatures, userbars, ranks, etc.
Size: The dimensions of the image you are requesting given in pixels. If you are not sure, link a sample image with a size satisfying for you.
Text: The words, phrases you would like to be included on the image.
Preferred colors: Self-evident. The colors you would like to be used. Either describe it as blue, pink etc. or add the hex code of the desired color. (This can be helpful: http://www.color-hex.com/)
Images: The images you would like to be included in the design. If the quality of the image is poor you might be asked to add a different one.
Extras: Any extra desires, expectations you have regarding your request. Be as specific as possible. 

Be as specific as possible with your needs, it makes the designer's job easier and your request will likely to be completed earlier.

2) Use the corresponding tags


 Free requests: Elite requests: 
- requirement: 10 posts
- may take up to 14 days to be finished
- you have 1 round of revision
- 2 requests/ 7 days
- requirement: min. 30 posts ;
10 posts more than last time you requested.
- request finished within a week
- you have 3 round of revision
- 3 requests/ week

3) Bumping

Please wait 3 days, before you bump your topic, creative process takes time.
We provide a free service, so be patient when you request.

4) Tagging members

Before you tag someone in your request, check if s/he has a Workshop ( http://www.graphicballoon.com/f21-workshops ) set, so you can directly request/ buy graphics from her/ him.

5) Copyright infringement

Don't ask for the re-creation of copyrighted images.
Don't ask for the use of copyrighted images without permission.
Written by: Admin

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